Invisible City directed by Hubert Davis

Academy Award nominee Hubert Davis’ latest film Invisible City debuted at the 2009 Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto. Invisible City follows the story of two boys from the Regent Park neighborhood in Toronto chronicling their triumphs and struggles crossing into adulthood. Produced over the period of three years, Invisible City is a critical addition to the discourse surrounding issues of race and urban poverty within Canada.

Learn more about Invisible City and watch the trailer @

Learn more about Hubert Davis’ cinematic work @ blogTO

3 thoughts on “Invisible City directed by Hubert Davis

  1. hi,
    looking for a streaming video of ‘invisible city’ to show a journalist friend in rio de janeiro. any ideas?

    1. Dear Greg,
      My name is Nadia Hohn. I am the founder of the ICED IN BLACK film festival. I think what you are doing is wonderful and necessary work. Thank you. I am writing an article about Black filmmaking in Canada for my book and have a few questions to ask you. I cannot find your e-mail address as I would rather send them there. Please e-mail me at my address below. I look forward to speaking with you soon as this is time sensitive.

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